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In the run up to the Iraqi War and its aftermath!!

American, Germany, Russia and Frances,
Quarrels-over the Iraqi War.
March, April, May-2003
By Gene Maynard

America, Germany, France and Russia have been fighting over Iraq for the last six months. America wanted to invade Iraq and Germany plus Frances and Russia do not want to do this unless the United Nations says it is O.K. and this is not going to happen. All four countries are wrong and all four of them are right. America, because they are the largest military power in the world and are quietly, arrogant, but let you know about it in a gentle way. Germany, because Schroeder, sold his soul to get reelected. France, because they want to be the boss of the European Union and this is impossible as they are only one country in soon to be, 25 nations and Europe has no common foreign policy like America has.

America is the strongest country, military wise by far in the whole world. Western European countries want to stay out of the Iraqi turmoil. Germany because in the real world, Schroeder, is a typical politician and didnít keep his word to Bush about keeping out of the Iraqi argument. The French, because they are also the most arrogant bastards in the whole world. Bush because he was dumb enough to believe Schroeder. Schroeder, because you can just take one look at his face and you can see what kind of a man he is. Chirac because he has such a false smile, while he stabs you in the back, political wise. If it wasnít for the fact that Chirac was president of France, he would be in jail.

America because they are the most powerful nation on earth and they let you know it. Germany because they have forgotten what America did for them after the Second World War. France has always though that they are the best country in the whole world for couture. Russia just because they have the most money owed them by Iraq.

It is a fact that France helped very much during the American Revolution, but it is also a fact that America won both World Wars and liberated France during these wars, both times. So I feel that America and France are even. Germany do not know where they fit into the new world order. Bush is a babe in the woods, political wise. Schroeder, donít know how to keep his word and you canít trust politicians or maybe I should say 99% of them. Chirac because, if he was not the president of France right now, he would be in jail. Russia because they donít want to be seen as a toady of America.

France is trying to not be irrelevant in the Political World. But this is a hard thing to do, as France is not Europe. Everyone in Europe wants to be boss and everyone canít be the highest monkey up the flag pole. And remember the higher up the pole, the more the monkeys (Person.) ass shows, or you could say is exposed. Gene


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