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Agent Gene!!

By Gene Maynard

Back in 1972, when I was laid off from work, because of the shut down of Warwick Mfg. Corp, in Zion, Illinois, Gene was at loose ends. What direction to take was paramount, in his thinking? He could see ten different reasons why not to go down the path that he was taking and yet he could not see what other course to take!!

It was like if he did keep going down the same path, he was going to fail and if he chooses another path, he was going to fail!!

Gene met a man called Jerry Fein through a Kenosha newspaper want ad that said, he needed an agent to train to help out in traveling around the United States, to establish places for a dancer to perform. That the girl was a nude dancer was of no importance, not!! This girl’s title was Miss Nude Hollywood. But she called herself Jenny, what her real name was anyone’s guess??

What her real name was makes no difference to the story and because more then likely the name of Jenny is false or an aliases. I am sure that this woman has been in jail many, many times for fraud or even prostitution. The same with the name of Jerry, her husband, except he would have had been had up for pandering.

Was Gene stupid or what?? I think Gene is (or what!!).

Gene’s main job was to drive this girl around the country and also to provide security at the different places that she danced at. The customers would try to harass her as she come off the stage on her way back to her dressing room. So Gene would walk her back to her room.

End of part-One.

Part two.

The first job that I undertook was to drive Jenny to Toledo, Ohio. And this is the first place that I saw her dance nude. It was obvious to me that she had has implants in her breasts. But who was complaining!! To look at her face, which was O.K., a person could still tell that she was three bricks short of a load. But still, again who was complaining!! This job was to fill out my time, while I was waiting for a good job to come along. And also I had never, never had a job remotely like this before.

Jenny only worked about one week in three as she made $800 dollars a week, dancing plus any money she could make on the side doing, whatever!!

We started out in a Saab red sports car and a Volkswagen window van. I drove Jenny in the Volkswagen as it was to be a special treat for me and Jenny’s so called husband, Jerry would driving the Saab. I figured out that Jerry and Jenny were testing me and I was on trial. I soon told Jenny that I knew what they were trying to do and then we settled down and completed the trip to Toledo.

That same night Jenny danced and I had to walk her back to her dressing room. I was in her dressing room while she was nude, which was a first for me. We stayed in Toledo for three days and then headed back to Kenosha. As a dancers work week, was usually about three days long.

End of part-two

Part three.

After a couple more weeks we took Jenny to New York and Jerry and I continued on to several more cities trying to set up more places for Jenny to dance at, and at the same time we would look at other girls to see if we could recruit them to come to work for us. We were really trying to steal them from their present managers. This was to cause hard feeling between us and the managers of the other girls.

In the mean time Jerry, on the way to look at other girls, took me to this club in Kentucky. It looked like any other club that was having an amateur night, for dancers and singers. It took Gene awhile to figure that this was a club for gay performers. The singer were really good, the only thing is the singers were pantomiming the songs. The singers and dancers were looking really, really good and the only thing was they all looked like girls and in reality they were all men.

After performing, other men would walk up to the singers and dancer and give them a five or ten or even a twenty dollar bill and a kiss and even flowers. Jerry tried to get me to go up to the stage and give the so call girls some money and a kiss, but by that time I had figured out what was going on. The men dressed up as woman, really looked fabulous. They had breasts and good looking legs that were the results from much surgery.

After a few more days we went back to New York and picked up Jenny and went back to Kenosha.

End of part-three

Part four.

After about one month, Jerry and I went down to Evansville, Indiana and I was introduced to Miss Nude America. This girl was just a beautiful girl and we watched her dance and after dancing some other men plus Jerry and I sat down to a table to have a talk. This girl was making about $15oo dollars a week. Jerry had set up a few places for her to dance and then Jerry and I went back to Kenosha.

The reason we went back up to Kenosha was we wanted to video tape girls doing nude dancing in the local taverns and clubs. After doing three different places Jerry and I went into court before a judge for a hearing on the legality of nude dancing in Kenosha. The judge watched our evidence and made a ruling against the nude dancing after about a month.

In the mean time one of Jerry’s friends got out of jail and it was time for me to move on. I was able to find a job working for Chester’s Electronic in Kenosha.

End of story.

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