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Modern Bulgaria.

Business as Usual in Bulgaria, in Modern times.
What a joke!!
By Gene Maynard
January 2003

Here it is the year 2003 and Bulgaria is in many ways still living in the 18th and 19th century. When the country will catch up to the rest of the world is anyoneís guess!!

No. 1- Police: About 200 percent of the top police in Bulgaria are corrupt and are in league with the Mafia here in Bulgaria. The mafia in Bulgaria came from Russia in the main. Look how the average Bulgarian lives and how the Bulgarian Officials live!! There could not be more of a difference. It is a fact that the average Bulgarian is long suffering to a fault and this is why the Turks and the Nazis and later the Communists took advantage of the good people who call Bulgaria home. The Chief Prosecutor of all of Bulgaria-Mr. Filchev says that Bulgaria at the present time is nothing more then a criminal dictatorship.

During the Socialist rule-1944-till the present time terrorist are being trained in certain sections of Sofia, by the police. Also Bulgaria supplied many nations with costly weaponry for terrorist around the former Communist style nations and only a fool would believe that sense 1989 the communist and mafia have given up power.

No. 2- Bulgarian Officials: Most of the Bulgarian Officials are from the Communist Party that was in power from 1945-1991 and in realty have never been out of power, just the average Bulgarian thinks that they have a new political system. So when a Bulgarian votes for one of the three main parties they are still voting for those same corrupt people. The Bulgarian Officials around Sofia live in twelve foot high walled in compounds with the police guarding the gates and police cars patrolling the area around this compound. Inside these compounds are 10-20 million dollar homes with inside swimming pools and guards roaming the grounds. The Officials are driven around by armed guards in expensive cars with very dark windows and when they do get out of their cars, two or three very big armed guards follow them everywhere. Their children all go to private schools in France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, etc...

No. 3 The rest of the Bulgarian people!

Now the rest of the Bulgarians have trouble earning enough money to pay for heat in the winter, water, electric, etc.. As an example as of the first of July 2002 the electric rates went up 30% and the heating of the hot water went up 100% and yet the Officials canít seem to understand that the higher the rates, the more the common people steal the electricity and other things like water, heat, etc.. The meters that measure the water and heating of same, can be bypasses if you are smart enough and the people of Bulgaria learn how to do these things as they are desperate. There are some Bulgarian people who are looking in the garbage containers to see what they can find to eat, and I am not counting the Gypsies. It is really tragic and stupid at the same time!!

No. 4 NATO

The Bulgarian country has been accepted into the NATO organization as of 2004 and many things must change in the Bulgarian Military, in the mean time. This also means more taxes for the poor people who live in this country. Where this money is going to come from, is anyoneís guess?

Also the Bulgarian politicians must start to think differently now, as before the same politicians were not too long ago, chanting slogans in Parliament against NATO. Including the now president of Bulgaria, who is now in office. The minds of the average Bulgarian will also have to change and this is going to be difficult as these same people have to worry about how to keep warm in winter time, as I have said before. So there isnít much time for the average Bulgarian to think about how the government is so, so messed up. The average Bulgarian does not complain, they just get on with life, such as it is!!

No. 5 European Union

In the year 2007 Bulgaria hopes to join the EU, but it is my thinking that Bulgaria has a long way to go before they will be ready for entry to the union. And more then likely will not get into the EU unto about the year 2017, not 2007 as the politicians want. The Gypsies get into the garbage containers and take most of the trash out and leave it on the ground for the dogs to mess around in. The people donít even have personal checks to cash in the stores for food, cloths and any of a number of different things. In fact the stores are so small that the people running these same stores, could not afford to cash a check even if you asked them. With in easy walking distance of where I live there must be at lease 300 small, so called stores. Even though Vratza is a fair size city there isnít one food store that is even one hundredth the size of the average food store in America.

In Vratza, which is a city of 100,000 people there is only about three stop lights. The people who have cars drive as each of them want and pay no attention to the rules of the road and park on the sidewalks or where ever they want or speed even when the police are present and the police do nothing. The people who have cars, really look down on the average Bulgarian, who have no chance of ever owning a car.

The people must collect their pension from the Post Offices in person and must stand out in all kinds of weather, as the lines snake around the post office building. If a old person is sick or too old to stand in line, a grandchild must do this even if they must take off from school to collect the cash pension. There again, there are no personal checks or even government checks. Life is very rough here in Bulgaria. Also the average pension is so small that it is not enough to buy food, let alone pay for heat, water, electric and any number of other things. The only way the people survive is to live together in extended family groups.

The trains are very dirty and cold in the winter time and boiling hot in the summer time. The trains do most of the time run on schedule. Thank God!!

Dogs are everywhere and run in packs of five, six or even ten at a time. This is dangerous as when dogs are in packs, they get aggressive. It is not a good idea to walk around out doors after dark, where there isnít any lights, as it has been known for dogs to attack people. Myself I was menses by a large dog one time and I fell down on the ice and really bruised my hip so bad that I though I had broken it and I went to the hospital. It turned out to be a very bad bruise and I was sore for about a month and the bruise finely went away two to three months later.

The only really good thing about Bulgaria, besides the very pretty mountains is the average person is a really, really nice person.


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