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Iraq in the modern ages!!

Saddam Hussein
April 9, 2003-Part three

By Gene Maynard

The end of the Iraqi War,
Well almost!!

Today is April 9, 2003 and for all practical purposes the Iraqi War is over. Not that there will not be more sporadic fighting, in the next few days. The average person from Baghdad, are out in the street celebrating the end of Saddamís regime and are looting the regimeís office buildings, Palaces and the furnishings of these buildings. As they have been under the fear of Saddamís regime for almost 25 years and need to vent their feelings. It will take a long, long time to get back to normal, in their minds.

There is still the problem of pacifying the country side and rounding up the fanatical loyalists of the former Regime, who donít know when to quit. In the next two months the situation will calm down and only the terrorist will be left and this period will last forever as some people will never stop hating the West.

The symbolic fall of Saddam Husseinís Regime!!

At 6:50P.M., local time in Baghdad the main statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down, as a symbolic gesture to the end of the Saddam Hussein regime. At first the American Marines put a American flag over the face of Saddamís statue and then took the flag down and replaced it with a Iraqi pre 1991(First Gulf War flag.) and then they also took this Iraqi flag down, so as not to make it appear that the Iraqi flag, was falling from power, then the Marines pulled the statue down with a American tank recovery vehicle. I do feel it was a mistake for the Americans to pull Saddamís statue down as it should have been the people of Baghdad to do this, as it was the Iraqi people who were the ones who suffered under Saddam!!

The symbolic battle for Tikrit, Iraq.

Tikrit is the birthplace of Saddam Hussein and it is expected to hold out against the Coalition Forces, as the civilians of Tikrit have a hatred of people from the West. But it will more then likely, be a non-event. People will die there, but it will be many more Iraqi troops that will do the dieing, for no good reason. As it turned out, it was for sure a non-event and not many people died from either side. Thank God!!

Where is Saddam??

Is he alive, donít know!! Is he dead?? Donít know!! Is he in Iraq or Syria?? Donít know!! The Coalition has some of Saddamís DNA and when they find a body that they think may be Saddam, they will do some testing.

Many, many Iraqi that were high up on the pole in the former regime of Saddam Hussein are being looked for and are either in hiding or have made it to Syria. Of course Syria will not admit that they let some of Saddamís Regimeís people into Syria and you canít blame them. It is the opinion of the U.S. administration that Syria is hiding many of the high, muck-e-muckís of the former Iraqi leadership and with the Hezbollah being supported by Syria. Syriaís Regime are also testing chemical and biological weapons, Syria is going to be the next target of America?? Many people believe this!! But I think that both North Korea and Iran will have to be dealt with before we ever think what to do with Syria!!

Who is Abu Abbas??

Abu is a Palestinian terrorist, who was the leader of a group of terrorist from Palestine who kidnapped an Italian Cruse Ship and he ordered the killing of an American citizen named Kinghoffer, who was on this ship. The really dastardly thing was the American citizen was in a wheel chair. The man was shot and thrown over the side of the ship, while his wife had to watch. How many guts, does it take, to kill a man in a wheelchair and throw him over the side of a ship??? This so called human being, called Abu should go on trial and let the whole world see what a bastard he is. The Palestinian Authority is trying to defend this man and I wonder about the intelligence of a so call group of people, who would say that this man is worth defending??

This man, Abu Abbas was hiding in Iraq, when at the end of the American war with Iraq, he tried to go to Syria and Abu was such a hot potato that even Syria would not let him into their country.

Who is Dr. Death???

Dr. Rihob Taha is a woman from Iraq, who is known around the world as Dr. Death. She was responsible for developing and testing all Biological weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. The Coalition has found most of her notes and decimations, that was left behind at her laboratories in western Iraq, about 300 kilometers, west of Baghdad. So far the Coalition have not found this woman, probably she is already in Syria!!

Another half brother of Saddam!

On April 16, 2003-Barzan Ibrahime Al-Tikrite, another half brother of Saddam was arrested, he was an advisor to the Iraqi Regime and should be able to give info on where Saddam (If still alive.) and Saddamís sons are. Barzan was very lazy and cruel, he like to drink beer while watching prisoners being tortured. He also was chief spy for Saddam and was the Tikriteís clans chief money washer. In the 1990ís he was Iraqi Ambassador to U.N. agencies based in Geneva, Switzerland. He also set up a network of European companyís that plundered Iraqi government and oil money which was then laundered. Also large sums of black market Iraqi oil was moved through Syria and Syria helped Saddamís government evade U.N. sanctions. Kickbacks were paid into secret bank accounts in Amman, Jordan, which allowed Iraqís biggest financial institution, the Rafidain Bank to continue operating despite sanctions

Iraqís former Finance Minister Hikmat Mizban Al- Azzawi.
Found and under arrest.

Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan.
Found and under arrest.

One of Saddamís, top officers-Lt. Gen. Omar al-Hazzaa.

Saddam and his four brothers all had different mothers and Omar al-Hazzar made a comment about who really was Saddamís mother and someone told Saddam and Omar was arrested and had his tongue cut out. Then the sons of Omar had their tongues cut out while the wives had to watch and then all male family member were killed in front of Omar, Then Omarís wife and daughters were turned out of their home and then finally Omar was executed. Just for a slip of the tongue.

Ahmad Chalabi-banker, Schmoozer, Spy.

The Iraqi financer and freedom fighter, just returned to his homeland after 45 years exile. As Chalabi tells it, he has been a victim of a conspicuity, by Saddam Hussein and the late King Hussein of Jordon to ruin the banking empire of Chalabi in Switzerland and even Jordon. Chalabi says he has 25 tons of documents from Saddamís secrete police and it tells about the close ties between Saddamís infamous son Uday and the now King of Jordon Abdullah. The CIA and State Department think that Chalabi is himself corrupt and a unreliable ally.

Chalabi has taken over a prime piece of real estate in downtown Baghdad called the Hunting Club, with his small militia of American-trained and outfitted gunmen. Chalabi wants to completely remake his country and the politics of the Middle East.

Just who is right, the CIA or Chalabi?? Who knows!!

Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf.

Was a real spin master and told daily lies to make it look like the Iraqi Army was doing much better then they were, during the war. By Sahafís accounts the Americans were the ones that were lying and soon the war would turn around and the Iraqi would win the war. It was so pathetic as to be the biggest joke on CNN TV at the time.

Now that the war is over!!

Now that the war is over, the average Iraqi feels free to protest and they do. Each and every so called political group is telling United States to get out of Dodge (Iraq.) and they are right except, just like a baby needs someone to look after it for a certain time, Iraq need America for a certain time. I have heard FIVE YEARS, bandied around. How much time will be needed is anyoneís guess!!

There are plenty of Iraqi, that want to have a Iraq that is governed by Islamic Law and what a shame that would be, as there is nothing democratic about Islamic Law. I have no idea why Arab people want to go with Arab Law, with all its fanatics and unnatural ways of looking at things. No alcohol, no modern music. Women who are made to wear cloths, to cover all of their body in black, even their head and face. Why any woman would put up with this type of life is beyond me!!

April 23, 2003 the oil started to flow in Iraq!!

This oil, that Iraq is producing, for now is only for the internal consumption. There are many, many legal things that need to be taken care of before the Iraqi oil will go to the international market. Like having the U.N. putting a stop to the Oil for food program.

Tariq Aziz was Deputy Prime Minister.

He gave himself up after negotiations with the coalition on April 24, 2003, but for now, he is still telling lies.

The civil war in Iraq-Not!!

Iraq is in the middle of a civil war now the American and British won the war to get rid of Saddam Hussein. But even this civil war inside of Iraq in not going well as the people of Iraq are going ever which way, but toward a new type nation.

The need for a Czar for the failed State of Iraq!!

The American Army is a mean fighting machine and won the war in record time, but they have no idea how to build a nation. What is really needed is a Czar to put Iraq back together again. Some how, someday Iraq will be a real nation again, but it will take a lot of time and learning on the Americans side!!


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