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Iraq in the modern ages!!

Saddam Hussein-and why he canít be trusted.
Part two-October 2003

By Gene Maynard

Going back to 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait, the whole world has had a big problem believing anything Saddam Hussein says. While Iraq occupied Kuwait, their behavior in Kuwait was barbaric. There was nothing that they did in Kuwait that could be considered normal, or civilized. They gang raped many girls 15 years old and even some that were younger. Just look what Iraq did to the Kuwait oil fields, when they were forced out of Kuwait and back into their own territory. Why to set the Kuwait oil fields on fire, this is not civilized and the environment was really hurt? It took months to put out the fires in the Kuwaiti oil fields.

The Saddamís, so called Palace Guards, in Iraq are nothing but a bunch of thugs. They and the inner circle will do anything to stay in power. They keep a tight control over every aspect of life in Iraq and have spies everywhere so that the average person dare not speak out about what is going on inside their own country. The Palace Guards use fear and rape to control the people of Iraq. Even Saddam has personally executed people whom he doesnít trust. Saddam even gave orders to gas at lease 15,000 of his own citizens in northern Iraq in the year 1988. When Saddam first come to power, he had patients that had tuberculosis, who were spiting up blood, spit into the mouths of his enemyís, so that they would catch tuberculosis also.

While the Iraqiís were retreating from the Kuwaiti territory, they looted everything of any value from private homes and private businesses and banks and put it on their army trucks and tanks and even in private cars (Cars that the Iraqiís stole from the people of Kuwait.). Even the Iraqiís stole clocks off the walls and carpets off the floors. Stealing food, furniture, cloths, cleaning products, pots and pans. Anything of value. The rag tag Iraqi army kidnapped thousands of young girls, young women and, men and took them back to Iraq and asked ransom for them and have not return about 600 of them, even until this day.

After about 48 hours of fighting the Iraqi Army just gave up and the negotiating with the United Nation coalition began, and terms were set down for Iraq to disarm. But the lies started right away and there has never been what you can really call a total disarmament or an accounting or what weapons, Iraqi has. The Iraqi-Kuwaiti war was over on February 28, 1991 and till this day, no one knows just what weapons of mass destruction, that Iraqi still has. There has been numerous UN Resolutions over the years and Iraq has ignored all of them.

One of Saddam Husseinís, sons-in-laws, defected to Jordan in 1994 and reveled that Iraq still had tons of nerve gas, chemical weapons and biological weapons also. Then and only then, did Iraq admitted that they still have these weapons. After a couple of years, Iraqiís then said they were all through getting rid of these weapons, but when the weapon inspectors tried to verify this, they were thrown out of Iraq and because of a lack of political will at the UN, from 1998 till 2002 no one was monitoring whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or not.

In October of 2002, America started a new resolution, in the United Nations and it passed, 15 to nothing (Resolution 1441.), for Iraq to finally disarm and cooperate with the weapon inspectors, but here comes the lying again. Iraq says that they now have no more weapons of mass destruction, but how can a person believe them or not. YOU CANíT? This is why United States, Britain, Australia and a very few others, want to invade Iraq and make sure that the weapons are gone.

Now here comes France, Germany, Russia and China saying that we should give Iraq more time to disarm, when Iraq has had 12 years to disarm and Iraq has lied all this time and still has not disarmed. All four of these countries want to impose their will on the United Nations and look good to the Muslin World, because they donít want any trouble with terrorism and also because of business considerations they are going to let Unites States, Briton and a few other nations carry the can, for them. These four countries (France, Germany, Russia and China.) are nothing but a bunch of weasels. France also wants to be the big cheese of the European Union and control everything in the new Europe and yet France is in reality along with Germany and Belgium, the Old World European Nations and their power is on the wane. Even Franceís language is in decline and with all of the Eastern European nations coming in to the European Union, the forecast is the French will lost political power through the next ten years or so.

The anti-war faction through out the world canít see their noses for the lying that Iraq is still doing and just like in the 1930th when Hitler tried to take over the world, the anti-war people say, no blood for oil. If Hitler was stopped back in the 1930th, there may not have ever been a Second World War, but now we will never know!! Over 100 million people had to die in the Second World War for nothing because the world had not learned. Saddam is crazy and a brutal dictator and the anti-war faction canít or will not see it is better to stop Saddam now or we will have much more killing later.

Now it is March of 2003 and Saddam finally admitted to having rockets that exceed the range that was allowable and these same rockets could carry chemical and biological weapons and he doesnít want to get rid of them, but under pressure is slowly, slowly doing what is necessary. Even with this we are not sure how many rockets he has, is the truth!! Also the inspectors found two unmanned drones that are capable of spraying chemical weapons and Saddam did not declare either one of these weapon systems as he supposed to do according to UN-Resolution 1441. Again how do you trust him to ever tell the truth!! But the anti-war people are willing to bet-YOUR LIFE-on this man.

Saddam says that they poured the contents of the different chemical and biological bombs out onto the earth and we are to believe that he doesnít have any more. How in the world do you verify something like this??

The British want to offer bench mark provisions, six provisions altogether, where Iraq would admit that they have weapons of mass destruction and agree to a time table of when to get rid of them. The French says that they will veto any resolution that England has to offer to the UN. The French are taking a chance that they will sour international relations between themselves and America and the English. Also without a UN resolution, the President of the EU in Europe will probably refuse to help put Iraq back in order, in case of war between America, England, Australia and a few other nations on one side and Iraq on the other side.

Saddam is getting ready for war, in case it does happen, by digging ditches around Baghdad that he intends to fill with oil and lighting the oil on fire to cause the smart bombs from America, to not be so accurate. Also he has put tons of TNT, near the oil well heads in southern and northern parts of Iraq that will be used to blow up these wells. Just like he did in 1991, except these are twice (1500 wells.) as many well and they are Iraqi wells. Saddam has several look a likeís, so it will be difficult to find him and he can escape in the mean time. But what about the average Iraqi citizen?? Saddam treats the citizens like dirt and again the anti-war people canít understand why it is necessary to get rid of him!! Just a couple of things that Saddamís sons did will show a person how much fear there is in Iraq. One of Saddamís sons saw a woman walking along with her husband and wanted her, so he had the husband arrested and he took the wife to a hotel and raped her repeatedly and then threw the woman out the hotel window and the husband was never seen again. The sons took one of their so called enemies and tied him to a post and cut out his tongue and left him to bleed to death, this was in the middle of Baghdad. Iraq has many soldiers who are going to dress in English and American uniforms and kill their own people and blame it on the British and American soldiers. These people who are in the army, are not civilized.

Iraqi War started on
March 20, 2003 at about 3:00 A.M. in
the morning.

About 40 cruse missiles were fired at the home of Saddam and also the senior leadership of Saddamís regime. As of March 24, 2003, it if not clear just how many of these leadership people were killed or wounded.

Here comes the lying again from Saddamís propaganda people. They lie about everything and it is so pathetic and hard to believe, only the uneducated masses of the Moslem World could believe what Saddamís propaganda people say, and they do. The Republican Guard are supposed to be Saddamís best fighting force and they shoot their own citizens and blame it on the coalition forces. The lies go on and on. Another lie from Saddamís forces is that they are winning every battle and the top men of the Regime, are in complete control of the whole battlefield and everything is going just great.

The coalition forces have captured 40% of Iraq after only eight days of fighting and if the weather stays good, they should be up to the suburbs of Baghdad in four or five more days. This is not to say that it will not be a very tough fight, but by the end of two weeks of fighting Saddamís forces are going to be in real trouble.

Saddamís son Uday, who is reported to be a certified nut, started the Saddamís Fedayeen, which is a special bodyguard unit for Saddam. At first they served as Udayís private band of henchmen. The Fedayeen would pick up girls for Uday to rape, beat up the Iraqi Olympic Team, when they lost an event during the Olympics. They also cut out the tongues of the critics of the regime. The men were mostly recruited from prisons and orphanages. There are said to be between 20,000 and 40,000 men in this unit. These men are lightly armed with AK-47S, mortars and rocket propelled grenades. There were 200-300 of these Fedayeen men seen on highway 1, heading south from Baghdad dressed in American and British uniforms. Some had suicide-bomber type vests with explosives strapped on.

Saddamís Fedayeen (Martyrs for Saddam.), Forces are starting to use desperate tactics to slow or stop Coalition Forces. Saddamís men are fighting from inside cities knowing that Coalition Forces are reluctant to fire on citizens and are pushing women and children out in front to be killed. Also the Iraqiís are starting to use suicide bombers in cars, to run up to Coalition check points and then they are detonating the bomb. Another thing the Fedayeen Forces are doing is to wave a white flag and then when Coalition Forces get close the Iraqiís army, they then start to fire their weapons at the Coalition Forces, which is against international law. Iraqi citizens are put in cars and run up to check points very fast, so that Coalition Forces will fire on them and then the Iraqi leadership are blaming the Coalition Forces of killing women and children.

Again with the lying, from the Saddam regime. Before the war started Saddam said there were no links between Iraq and terrorist and yet Special Forces from United States, after the war started, found a huge terrorist camp called Ansar Al Islam in Northern Iraq near the border of Iraq and Iran, but in Iraqi territory. There were over 1000 trainees at this site and an extensive tunnel system going where, nobody knows yet, because the tunnel system is so huge nobody has been able to explore all of it yet. Also found at this site was proof that the trainees were being trained in chemical and biological weapons and the other normal type of terrorist attacks. This camp has ties to Al Quida. This camp was well developed in that they had a masque and permanent housing and all the comforts of home. Saddam would say that he donít have control over this area, but if you believe that I will sell you that bridge that I have been holding for sale, for one dollar to you, and then you will can make a fortune charging a toll over the Tigris River in Baghdad.

There are two so called holy places, where so called holy men who has died many, many hundreds of years ago, are buried, about 50 miles south of Baghdad. The Iraqi fighting forces were inside and the Information Minister got on Iraqi T.V. and said that the Coalition planes were flying too low, causing vibrations that were harmful to these grave sites. The Iraqi Regime canít tell the truth ever. Also the Iraqi fighting forces are using hospitals and childrenís schools to store ammunition for the war and are putting women and children inside these places at night time in the belief that the Coalition planes will not bomb them because the Coalition donít want to cause injuries to the citizens.

The war is now coming to a fast conclusion in the fact that a lot of Saddamís forces are just quitting and going home. There was an example where about 40 Iraqi tanks were just parked and no one was tending them and yet there are other cases where Iraqi Troops are putting up a fierce battle.

The Coalition has taken the international airport about 12 miles from the center of Baghdad. And even been in to the center of Baghdad, but not to stay as of yet. The people of Baghdad donít know whether to stay or flee as the electricity is off in the center of town and they donít know if Saddam is disposed of yet or not.


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