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Hugh Charles Maynard

1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards

Born January 15th, 1876

Killed in action on the Somme,

September 15th, 1916

A Memorial Tribute,

By E. M. Tenison

Edited by Eugene E. Maynard


He was a most gallant officer, and though he had not

been with us long, we shall miss him. Remember he died

the death that every soldier would wish to die.


An excerpt, from a letter by his Commanding Officer.

Editors notes.

Back in the 1st World War, the language was very flowery, the people did seem to be very gallant, it was like a time warp. The editor will not change any of the content, Yet will try to make this tribute more readable by modern standards.

No. 1 - Flowery, a language style that uses figurative and ornate expressions and fine words.

No. 2 - Gallantry, a nobility of behavior or spirit; heroic courage.

No. 3 - The Battle of Somme was fought at Amiens in Northern France, on the River Somme. The Somme runs from Marcy to Saint-Valley and empties into the English Channel.

Eugene E. Maynard

Letter from Hugh Charles to Aunt Alice Mary:

1ST Bn. Coldstream Guards, British Expeditionary Force,

14th September 1916


Just a line dear old girl, before we move off to the attack. I just got Uncle Charlie’s letter, but no time to reply to it. I will write as soon as I can, but it may not be possible for a few days. All the men are keen and we mean to give the Huns a taste of Hell, with some mustard on it!! We are in for a hot time ourselves, but I have put my troubles in my old kit bag and put my trust in GOD. If the worst happens, do not grieve too much for me. It will be a glorious battle anyhow.

I grieve for Mufra, not myself. Whatever happens, she is mine forever, anyhow!!!

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