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  Herbert Leslie Maynard, was born on May 19, 1865 in Walington, England. The second child of Joseph Henry Maynard and Mary Maynard :Nee Peck. Herbert had eight brothers and sisters. In order of birth they were Walsham Henry, Herbert Leslie, Alice Mary, Temple William, Thomas Audry, Harriet Isabel, Hugh Charles, Mary Josephine and Phillip Sexton.

  Herbertís father was a solicitor in London, England, (A low ranking lawyer, who canít argue before the court.), and with seven younger brothers and sisters, Herbert wanted to strike out on his own, and Canada looked good to him.

  Herbert come from a military back-grown. As a young man, at about age 21 years, Herbert emigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1886-87. Back in England at this time, if a person wanted to go into the military, a person had to buy their way in, there was probably not enough money for this as his brother Walsham was in the Army at the time. Soon after arriving in Canada, Herbert met Florence Metzler at Newport, Nova Scotia and they were married on January 26, 1888 and went to live at Millers Creek on the St. Croix River.

  Over the years Herbert and Florence had eleven or twelve children, all born at Millers Creek, (There is some controversy about a child named Emily Mumford.). In order of their births, the children are, Mary Ann: Born October 3, 1889, Alfred Henry: Born November 18, 1890, George Leslie: Born August 25, 1892 (Writers father.), Temple Walsham: Born October 1, 1895, Alice Margaret: Born November 7, 1897, Florence: Born October 17, 1899, Lewis Metzler: Born September 4, 1902, Edward: Born 1903-Died, Charles: Born 1904-Died, Isabel: Born 1906-Died, William Nesbit: Born September 24, 1908, and a Emily Mumford: of who not much is known about, born in 1910-died.

  Herbert and Florence had a farm, near Millers Creek, but it was not a success and so he and his sons (When they were old enough.) worked different jobs as they could find in the area. These jobs were, cutting down trees, working in the lime stone quarry and even working on the neighbors farms.

  When the 1ST World War started in Europe for England, France and Germany, Canada also fought as a friend of England. Herbert joined the local Active Militia in the 81st Regiment in 1914. He joined the regular Army on November 15, 1915, giving his birth date as May 19, 1970. And so took five years off his real age. Herbert wanted to be with his sons, George Leslie and Temple Walsham in the fight against Germany.

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