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The Life and Times,


George Leslie Maynard

Born - August 25, 1892 Died - August 4, 1988


A Memorial Tribute,

By Eugene E. Maynard

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This was a man who worked very hard,
his wife and children. He was also
a good soldier, who did his duty, for
his country. What more could you ask
of a man? E.E.M.

George Leslie Maynard, was born on August 25, 1892 in Millers Creek- Nova Scotia, Canada. The third child of Herbert Leslie Maynard and Florence Maynard ;Nee Metzler. George,s father was born in Watlington, England on May 18 1865 and George,s mother was born September 27, 1864 in Nova Scotia, Canada. George had eight brothers and sisters who lived pass childhood. In order of birth, they were Mary Ann, Alfred Henry, George Leslie, Temple Walsham, Alice Margaret, Florence, Lewis Metzler, Edward - died, Charles - died, Isabel - died, William Nesbet. George grew up on a small, very poor, farm near the St. Croix River on the Bay of Fundy. George was able to see the tide run up the river, it was very spectacular.

George at about age 8-10 years.
A good, looking boy.

George,s father, Herbert had to often work in a quarry hauling Lime Stone with a wagon and horses or out in the woods cutting down trees to sell to the lumber mills, as the farm was not really a success. George would even work on neighbors, farms. When George was still a young boy, he would help his dad, out in the woods, with the cutting off of the limbs, after the trees were cut down. From the age of birth, to age 22 years, George,s life was the typical life in a rural settings. He went to school until age 13 years old, with lots of hard work thrown in. Entertainment was church and George,s father who played the violin at night and when friends come over for visits.

George, at age 22 years old, did his duty to his country and joined the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on July 5, 1915. George was sent to an Army training center, near Quebec city, Quebec, Canada to learn how to become a soldier. After a couple of short leaves, during which time George met his future wife, Mary Gladys Beedle, and finishing his army training, George was sent to England. George left Canada from the port at Halifax on the boat, S.S. Saxonia and arrived in England at the port of Plymouth on October 28, 1915. George was to have further training at Liphook, England. George had a couple of short leaves in England to visit relatives. After the training at Liphook, he was sent from the port of Sangate, England to Boulogne-Sur Mer, France on March 15, 1916 to the 40th Regiment to reinforce the 25th Regiment.

George was wounded for the first time, on Hill 60 in France. He was sent back to South Hampton, England. After two months in England, George was transferred to the 11th Regiment, which just happened to be the same one that his father and brother were serving. George, his father and brother had a picture taken at that time. He was sent back to France to serve in the 25th Regiment again in May of 1917. Shortly afterwards George and another soldier were buried alive by a German artillery shell while, laying on the ground, near some woods. They were dug out and revived and after a few days sent back to their Regiment.

On August 15, 1917, George was in the trenches and was sent over the top of the trenches,(Which is very dangerous.) to attack the German trenches. He came back with 25 German prisoners, that same night, he was seriously wounded in the left thigh near Lens, France. He was sent back to England.

George at age 25 years old, in 1917 in England.

Brother Temple, George and George,s father in England in 1917 in the 11th Regiment.

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