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This time when George got back to England, he was then sent on to a hospital in Corinth, Wales. George spent the time that he was in Wales, going back and forth to England visiting relative and friends, when he was well enough to walk again. He was sent back to Canada in March of 1918.

While still recovering, George made sergeant on July 5, 1918, just before he was discharged from the army. He married Mary Gladys Beedle on November 26, 1918 in Millers Creek, which was his, fathers home. George and Mary went to work in Halifax for a while, where their first son, Hugh Leslie was born on July 30, 1920.

After a while, because of lack of work, George and Mary and the baby moved to So. Gardiner, where Mary's father and mother lived. Mary's father told them that there was work in So. Gardiner. There he worked various jobs, one job was working at the Kennebec box factory and another was cutting ice on the Kennebec River, etc.. While in So. Gardiner, Herbert Clarence was born on December 10, 1921 and Mary Louise was born on April 27, 1925. George,s father Herbert and mother Florence had moved to Zion, Illinois, where Herbert was a manager for a hot house for flowers.

Because Zion had a lot of jobs, George and Mary and now the three children all moved to Zion, in 1926 to be near his father. George started to work at the Zion Cookie Factory, often working 12 and 16 hours a day. Zion is where all the rest of George’s and Mary's children were born, in order was Lewis Albert, Elmer Lawrence, Alice Irene, Florence Annie, Eugene Earl, Gordon Wesley, Evangeline May and the last was Laura Leona. George, worked at the Zion Cookie Factory for about 35 years and the family moved from place to place, until his father Herbert, gave the house at 3119 Elim in 1940 to George because he and Mary had so many children, they were having a very hard time paying the rent at any other house. The house needed a lot of repairs and all of the sons helped to do the repairs


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Mary and George about 1918.

Mary and George about 1946.

After George retired from work at age 68 years old, he lived on until almost 96 years old, Mary lived on till she was 91 years old in 1989. He and Mary were able to spend many years, enjoying their grandchildren and great- grandchildren.

In July of 1986, Eugene moved in to the house at 3119 Elim Ave to take care of mom and dad, as they were too old to look after themselves anymore. On Georges birthday August 25, 1986, he fell down on the porch, while trying to get the mail. George never walked again. His health went down and on April 4, 1988, George and Mary moved into the Crown Manor (Old folks home) where George died 4 months later. Mary lived on for about 9 month later, they had been married for 70 years. All in all, George and Mary were good parents. All the children were taught the value of hard work.

Mom and dad and all the brothers and sisters
50th wedding anniversary. 1968

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