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The rule of law in Bulgaria!!

There is very little rule of law in Bulgaria.
By Eugene Earl Maynard

The legal system in Bulgaria had many, many laws but very few of these laws are enforced. One example of this is that it is almost impossible to sue another person here.

No.1-Very few people who own cars pay any attention to the rules of the road when driving there cars. They drive as fast as they want, park their cars wherever they want (On the sidewalks, across peoples access to their garages, blocking the roads on main roadways, Etc..). From personal experience, some of the time, when I have been crossing the road, the drivers will speed up and try to intimidate a person and then blow their car horns at a person. I have had many near misses over the years. The local drivers who own the big cars are the former communist who think they own the road and you had better get out of the way!! Local police in the main do nothing, as they are too, too busy checking cars to see if they are stolen and if they are stolen, the police keep the cars for themselves or sell them and keep the money for themselves. Corruption is everywhere and little rule of law.

No.2-Judges in Bulgaria are corrupt in most instances. There are a few that canít be bought. When you understand that most judges only make a little over $150 a month, it is easy to understand why they take bribes. It is in the realm of auto accidents that a person sees the failure in the legal system. A case in point, a few months ago, just out side of Vratza, June of 2003, a drunk driver ran over two 18 year old students from the back. A nice young couple who had just completed their high school studies, and were waiting for their diplomas, were struck and killed. The young girl had her head cut off and the young boy died a few days later. The girl was very beautiful, and the workers in the morgue were seen crying when the bodies were brought into the room.

The drunk was also young and his father is the Chief Police Investigator of Vratza and nothing will be done to the drunk driver. The drunk will be declared insane and everything will be forgotten. No law suit will be filed and even if one was filed, nothing would be done. The judges will be bribed and the trial would be delayed and delayed for years until everyone will forget all about it.

It is even possible to get away with murder by buying your way out of jail and live for years with the police not bothering you. In Vratza there is one mafia man who has killed three people and is still out of jail for over 10 years. No justice in sight!! Corruption, corruption and little rule of law!!

No.3-The prostitutes in Bulgaria are called the princes of love!! No matter where you drive in Bulgaria now days,, you will see girls along the road advertising what they have for you, that is if you are a man. They are on every road near any city of size and most of them are Gypsies, but there are some pretty young girls of the age 16 and up who donít have any money because of the massive unemployment of their parents. These young girls are trying to get money to go to university, even though the schooling is not so expensive here in Bulgaria. There are still many expenses and new cloths to buy before starting school. Young girls are very cloths conscience here in Bulgaria. Let alone the fact that they donít have enough to eat.

These girls are taking a very big risk that they will catch aids and other diseases that go along with these practices. But when a person is desperate, they will take a chance and after seeing how easy it is, they will continue on with the risky behavior. Many a young girl has lost out on the chance of ever having any children, after having some different types of social diseases. A lot of the young girls will go to the Black Sea area to see if they canít find a rich young man who happens to be a foreigner and to marry him. Usually what they find is a social disease and then locked into a life of prostitution, because the young men are pimps who happen to be also working for the police or even a real policeman, who is supplementing the meager pay that the police receive from their regular work, here in Bulgaria!!

The police do nothing as it is known that prostitutes canít practice their trade along the roads unless the police chiefs are condoling, the trade and even taking some of the money from the girls. Very little rule of law!!

No.4- Building codes are a joke here in Bulgaria. Another case in point is the circle road near the center of Vratza where there are five roads that converge and one of these roads has a cover over its access and the cover is falling apart and one section on the cover is hanging down and could fall down onto the cars traveling along its surface. It has been this way for two years or more as different parts of the ceiling falls apart. No one takes any notice and the police do nothing. In other civilized countries the road would be blocked off until it was repaired.

People are always repairing their apartments and they are not bothering to get a building permit because they donít want to pay any more taxes. Really, the taxes are very low here in Bulgaria. The biggest problem with not getting a permit is that at times the buildings can fall down. As the floors are made of concrete and the wall are made out of baked blocks. And people remove supporting walls. Not knowing what they are doing!! Again little rule of law!!


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