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The case of the girl in the fountain!

By Gene Maynard

Sasha and I were on our way to having an ice cream, in the Centrum of Vratza, as it was very hot for the 10th of May 2003. We usually went up by the maim post office and got our ice cream and sat in the shade at a small park that was right next door to the post office.

Sasha and I were picking our noses and singing a song and gnawing at our cones, as both of us are ice cream freaks.

I looked up and there is a nice water fountain about 50 feet away and there was a girl about 18-20 years old who was getting undressed and then she stepped into the fountain. She had taken off all of her cloths and proceeded to start to take a bath. Also she was washing her cloths.

After a wile she got out of the fountain and walked over to a monument that was about 30 feet away. To me it looked like she was doing some ritual things for about 10 minutes and then she went back to the fountain and continue to wash her cloths.

About ten minutes after this a policeman showed up and took her by the arm and led her away.

In Bulgaria there are plenty of laws but no rule of law. Even my wife thinks that the policeman let the girl go after they got her to put on her cloths. Also my wife thinks that the girl had done her thing as a bet, knowing that the police was not really going to do anything except to use her sexually and also remove her from the center of town.

End of story.

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