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Iraq in the modern ages!!

A whole new Iraq!! and
At War with ourselves.
May 2003-Part five.

By Gene Maynard

It is going to take many, many years before Iraq becomes a good place to live, after all Saddam had almost 25 years to ruin the place!! Also the Coalition won the war in record time, but donít seem to know what or how to do the Peace in Iraq. This peace business came up very fast and no one was ready for it. It is like the Coalition Army won the war and said to themselves, now what do we do???

Murder at the Mosque!!

Why was Americanís favorite Iraqi cleric murdered?? Muqtada al Sadr, is the son of a Shiite leader who was gunned down by Saddam Husseinís henchmen in 1999. Muqtada is headquartered in the market district of Najaf. Which is also called a Holy place in Iraqi land. In the Arab World. He is a very much an anti-American voice in Iraq. He has ties to a powerful-based Iraqi cleric who has called for a violent campaign against American forces in Iraq. Muqtada makes no attempt to conceal his antipathy toward America.

Abdel Majid al-Khoei was also a Shiite leader who was associated with the CIA, when he was based in London. Khoei as an Iraqi exile and was also a moderate leader that the CIA wanted to take back to Iraq to help stabilize Iraqís political system, if you can call it a system!! It was hoped that Khoei could influence the rest of the Shiite leaders to try and form a democratic political system. He never got a chance.

For some reason, God only knows, Khoei went with a few of his bodyguards, but minus the American bodyguards to Muqtada headquarters where he was murdered by unknown people loyal to Muqtada. It is said that Muqtada was jealous of Khoei because Muqtada is uneducated and Khoei was a scholar. It thought that Muqtada may have felt emboldened because he was favored by Kadhem al-Husseini al-Haeri, the radical Iraqi cleric, based in the holy Iranian city of Qom. Al-Sadr had been named as al-Haeriís representative in Iraq. Almost all of these Islamic clerics are uneducated and have been installed with a Western bias that says that the west is a real bad place and all Western countries should be invaded and western people should be killed!! Including men, women and children!! Unreal that this is, it is the attitude of the uneducated in the greater part of the Arab World and will take decades to eradicate and may never go away until the Arab World has decent governments all over the area. And these religious schools are shut down all over the Arab World!! Not in my life time!!!

The education of Tommy Franks!!

Franks boss is Rumsfeld and it was Rumsfeldís policy that Franks should use speed as his main tool in the Iraqi war. Franks used speed, unconventional tactics and some artful trickery to befuddle the Iraqi defenders.

Saddam thought that the main point of invasion would come from Turkey, but it came from the south through Kuwait. So Saddamís Forces were unprepared and were defeated in recorded time. Even if Saddamís Forces had had Weapons of Mass Destruction, they didnít have time to use them.

Franks whole idea was to end the war in record time, but what about winning the Peace?? We will never know now, what would have been the best policy!!

The Iraqi Saddam Dinar,

The local money with Saddamís face on it will be retired, as it will be only good as a collectorís item, sense Saddam lost the war.



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