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The Truth

‘’Why there was no social revolution in Bulgaria,
on November 10, 1989’’
National Upsurge newspaper, Bulgaria
May 31, 2001
Edited by Eugene Maynard
Vratza, Bulgaria

What aspects of the Malta ‘’89’’ Agreement gave pause for concern to the western world? And  what aspects were good for the Bulgarian Communist Party?

The Malta Agreement ‘’89’’- put an end to the existence of the state power monopoly of a Bolshevik type existence in Bulgaria and other communist countries. And because it affected the existence of a social symbiosis as well-the State/Communist Party symbiosis - it, could have doomed it to a breakdown of the structure of the Bulgarian State and other countries. Furthermore, it spelled out certain things: drop in production, loss of markets abroad, crisis in the juridical system, and a lot more. That led to an all-embracing chaos in the countries, against the backdrop of which the rise of marauding mafia structure was unavoidable in all the former communist countries.

The crucial problem of the social-historical mimicry of the Bulgarian Communist Party, was the one of whether, it was possible for it, as the ruling class in the country, to effect-unpunished, availing itself of the ‘maneuvering parameters’ of the Malta Agreement-a transition from a society of ‘’monolithic stability’’ (Already rotting away) to a society of a ‘‘flexible feedback’’, allowing social adaptation.

At the time, the Bulgarian Communist Party and other communist Parties, noted, with satisfaction, the fact that there were a lot of reliable outlets to get around the implantation of the agreement at Malta, in the text of the Malta Agreement, notably:

No paragraph of the agreement envisaged the use of the punitive IMT Nuremberg formulation of August 8, 1945 vis-a-vis war criminal states (Communist Party, too) officials, who had brought suffering to people through their ideology and actions:-The agreement contained no formulations of punishment related to a possible redistribution of the plundered states assets. (Money, businesses and other things like forests, iron ore, etc..), concentrated in the hands of the Bulgarian Communist Party and other Communist Parties. Indirectly, mention was made in it, of certain ‘’Socialization’’ only, but not of any ‘’re-socialization’’ whatsoever.

Problems of the legitimacy of export of capital, the fate of the banking system, the validity of contractual relations within the framework of the former Warsaw Pact, the regulation of national debts, the sequence of privatization, and other economic problems, were missing in it. Had the West intentionally left ‘‘Salvation outlets’’ for the Bulgarian Communist Party and other Communist Parties?

No doubt, it had done just that, intentionally! For could it be possible that the West, after having laid down punitive rules of an all-embracing nature in 1945, covering the period until 1989 as well, should have ‘’obliterated’’ their existence, 44 years later? Indeed the possibilities offered by it to the Bulgarian Communist Party and other Communist Parties in Malta ‘’89’’ are nothing else but a face value ‘‘class solidarity’’-one that has its roots in the very Anglo-Saxon mode of thinking!! Is the defeated one, (Bulgarian Communist Party and other communism countries.) of any use to the West? In the case herein, the defeated ones was obviously, of use to the West. And very much at that! Because, had the Yankees and their NATO partners left "revolutions" in the former communist states to follow their natural course-the greater part of the Bulgarian Communist Party members, (And other communist countries.) would have been ‘’physically liquidated’’; a great number of people belonging to the parties would have defected to the West, where the capital they had illegally exported would have been ‘’waiting for them’’. The social adaptation of such people in the West would of given rise to many problems. However, a far more serious consideration of fear would have sprang up in the case of liquidation of the uppermost layer of the social systems in the ‘’defeated countries’’; for a long period of time-(Old type, former Communism bosses.) in the victorious countries of a communicatively equivalent possibility for contact with a certain breed, of post-communist bosses in the former Eastern Bloc. Such a development would have retarded- substantially- the economic absorption of Russia and its satellite countries (in past years). It would have retarded the moving of frontiers of influence.

The American motto ‘‘Time is money’’ had been substituted-resolutely-by another motto: time is a ‘’subsequent victory, globally’’. On their part, the Bulgarian Communist Party ‘‘Comrades’’ and other former communist countries were not late in making good use of the slightly opened backdoor of salvation in the Malta Agreement ‘’89’’- A front-ranker in that emulation drive was Alexander Schalk-Holotowski, the Foreign Trade Secretary of State of the former German Democratic Republic. A Second ranker was a Bulgarian "tandem of" - Ognyan Doinov/Stoyan Markov- with Belcho Belchev as a substitute and Andriei Loukanov as a coach. Communist Party members in Poland and other countries followed suit-etc.

There was no one to trigger off the weapon that might have shattered the material base of the Communist Party in Bulgaria’s monetary reform. Because, under Malta ‘‘89’’ it was only ‘‘allowed’’ to change state power- and not to change property rights. The West wished a reform in the post-communist states, and not a social revolution! For this reason, in the course of over 10 years- while the communist party in Bulgaria and other communist countries was saving its material base- the West and its politicians were fobbing off on the communist, ‘‘statesmen’’ to their liking. Thus, as early as in August 18, 1991, Bulgarians went to the United States- for training. Three of them worked out ‘‘profiles’’-how to cope with situations in which poor and hungry mass’s rioted; how to act in the case of mass strikes. That group of trainees was ‘‘politically- balanced’’: one of its members- Maj. General Chavdar Chervenkov had ‘‘leanings’’ to the SDS (Union of Democratic Forces.), (Former communist.) while Colonel Milcho Bengarski was a pronounced socialist (Communist).

Comments are hardly needed here: for a period of over 10 years we have been witnesses of joint agreements- between present day reds (Communist.) and formed reds (Now SDS.). But you should be able to see in politics, in all countries around the world, politics is a dirty business.


Pursuing the Bulgarian Political System.

May 2001

The political system in Bulgaria is in disrepair, to say the least. Even you could say the system is broken almost to the point of not being able to function. The average Bulgarian has given up on the system and they don’t vote, except for the old people, who by their nature are dying off, little by little. The old people, strongly believe in the BSP (communist Party.) The old people are not stupid, just they are very much brainwashed, and they can’t see that communism is a failed political system all over the world. The young people,( On average.) think that there is not any chance in the next 20 years for the political people to reform themselves to the point that the political system will make any difference in their lives. The four main Political Parties:

As can be seen from the above, the Democratic Party is a very small party. After this there are about 200 other very small minor political parties of no real value. Everyone and his brother, is forming new political parties, almost each week.

The numbers 2, 3 and forth political parties collaborate against the number No.1 political party in Bulgaria. These three political parties need all the help they can get, plus some luck to defeat the Bulgarian Socialist Party This party, the BSP is in reality the communist party and the SDS are more nationalistic then democratic. In effect they both lie, about who they are.

All the three main parties are infected at the highest level with the Mafia, who own almost all the main businesses, along with the government in Bulgarian, just like in America (Except no government influence in America.), England, France, Germany, etc.. The Mafia in Bulgaria is evolving, into a more social consensus group, just they are not as far advanced, as the Mafia in America and in other places around the world. Sounds just like American politics. Most people in America would argue about the Mafia in their businesses, but the Americans are also brainwashed and really are ignorant of the facts.

Getting back to Bulgaria, at one time, only the communist party was allowed to exist. After 1989, it was possible to form other political parties. The communist party in the late eighties was in trouble in that they lost the respect of a large section of the people in Bulgaria. So now the SDS Party gained a lot of new members. After a couple of years the people voted the democratic forces into power and the people of Bulgaria were almost free and had a almost free life. The only thing was the SDS Party really didn’t know how to govern and so the people went back to their old ways and the BSD Party, (Which was spooned from the SDS.) drew a lot of people away from the so called democratic party forces. In 1995 the BSD (Social communist.) rose to power and won the election and tried to go back to the old system that was in place in the years 1945-1985. It didn’t work!! Now everything was going to hell in a basket and it didn’t take too long before inflation started to rise. The only thing was the wages of the people who worked, didn’t rise along with the inflation. Now the people were starting to really hurt in their pocketbooks.

Gene first went to Bulgaria on October 5, 1993. The first day he traded dollars for Lev’s at the rate of 28 to the dollar. He went back home on November 12, 1993 and the exchange rate was 33 to the dollar. Then he returned to Bulgaria on February 2, 1994 and the rate was 36 to the dollar. He left to go back to America on June 2, 1994 and the rate was 37 to the dollar. Gene came back to Bulgaria on August 1, 1994 and the rate was the same. By the time he got married on September 10. 1994 the rate was 50 to the dollar. By the first of the year 1995 the rate was 62 to the dollar and by the years end, the rate stood at 86 to the dollar. In the first part of 1996 the exchange rate really rose much faster. By the middle of 1996 the rate was over 200 to the dollar. The last three months of 1996 saw the rate at 350 to the dollar. Early in January the rate jumped to 500 and then the rate just spiraled until it was 1000 early in February 1997. From there, the rate jumped overnight to 1400 to the dollar and then a few days later it was at 2800 to the dollar. Now the fun starts!!!

In the last quarter of 1996, thing really went bad, very fast and in the first two months of 1997, Bulgaria was very close to anarchy. It all come to a head in the last few days of February and the first few days of March 1997, when the inflation rose 1000% in one days time and looked like it was going to rise even much faster. Now the people had no money in their pockets, as they were earning about $5-10 dollars a month and they begun to riot in Sofia. The BSP gave up and the so called democratic parties took power (Well almost).

In reality the SDS and the BSD parties struck a deal. The BSD (Communist.) took control of the money in Bulgaria and the SDS (United Democratic Forces.) took control of the political power. Everyone in the world knows that, who has control of the money, is the real power behind what goes on in a country. Just that these two political parties lied to the people and so the Bulgarian people think that the Democratic Party is in power. In fact the two parties are in reality, cohorts and so the Bulgarian’s still continue to suffer. But because the SDS had the political power and had learned from their past mistakes, things worked better this time, not good but better.

One good thing did come from the communist losing apparent (Not real.) power. Bulgaria stabilized, and over night the rate for the dollar fell back to 1400 to the dollar. The rate stayed pretty much the same (Except for minor fluctuations.) for the next two years. In July of 1999, Bulgaria changed their money to a new system. Now what use to be 10,000 Lev’s, is 10 Lev’s, as the old system was getting to be unworkable. Now the Lev is 2.15 to the dollar on average. It still fluctuates day to day, but that is normal in any country. I still watch the financial news on CNN and try to figure when to change money, as it would be very stupid, to have your money in Lev’s in the local banks. No one can predict when and if a certain bank will fail at this time. Many banks did fail, but my money was safe, because it was in dollars.

In June 2001, there will be a election in Bulgaria and a lot of people think that the communist will win again, despite everything. Myself, I think it will be a close election, but the so called democratic parties will win. But things are not going to be good for years too come.

Anyway, the Blues (SDS members.) are the sons and daughters of the Red’s (Communism) squalor. So for many a year nothing is really going to change, for sure!!

Mercy for the King

The Pro and Con-Weekly, Bulgaria
August 17-23, 2001

Edited by Gene Maynard

The Bulgarian’s should be treating the newly elected Prime Minister, King Simeon the Second with a feeling of compassion, rather than with a feeling of trust. Simeon was raised up to be a King, not a politician!!

The new Prime Mister would have been better off, if we would of given him sympathy and understanding, instead of believing the words that he uttered during the political campaign for Prime Minister in May-June 2001. Simeon was way, way out of his element. This is why now, after the election, we don’t know whether we should have voted for him or not!!

Politics shows no mercy, let alone the news media. History will deal with Ivan Kostov, the former Prime Minister who lost the election in June, 2001. And let me tell you, they (The news media.) are not kind to Kostov. Now the news media has started on the new Prime Minister-Simeon.

We must try to remember the psycho-trauma that Simeon went through in his young childhood, when Simeon was born, (1936) Bulgarians were dancing in the streets, as now they had a heir apparent. Had the policies of Bulgarian primer Ivan Bagryanov been successful and Bulgaria had not been drawn into the Second World War, Simeon would have been, most probably, a very good King.

The Bulgarian people have now entrusted Simeon with a political role, for which he has not been prepared for by birth, nor by personal qualities or gained experience. Until age six years old, Simeon was the dreamt heir apparent in Bulgaria and his photo could be seen in almost all of the rural houses in Bulgaria, and remember this was a predominantly rural society.

At age six Simeon lost his father (The Germans liquidated King Boris, the Bulgarians believe.) as Germany wanted Bulgaria to send troops to the Eastern Front to fight the Russians and Boris said no. And so Simeon became, His Majesty King Simeon the Second. At the time of Simeon’s exile, the communist rulers in Bulgarian were thinking about whether they should treat the royal family the same way that the Bolsheviks did to their Czar’s family (Liquidated) in Russia.

It is impossible that six year old Simeon would not of been traumatized by the events going on around him at that time. After all he was born to be king and here he was living in exile in Spain, by the orders of the then Bulgarian Communist Party. Judging by his behavior and ways manifested in public today, the above psycho trauma had obviously left a lasting imprint on his individuality. The imprint on Simeon was far more undeniable then the one left on the individuality of his sister, Princess Maria Louisa. Indeed, she was not the successor to the throne, but through her female adaptively, she has overcome the shocks of fate, with less consequences for her personality. Thus, today, one can notice a clear cut contrast between the vague answers given by Simeon, and the straight out, precise answers to question that Simeon’s sister has given in public.

After living through the euphoria of the victory in the latest parliamentary election, the voters in Bulgaria do not know who is ruling them. Couldn’t Simeon behavior be determined by a certain cunningness, inherited from his grandfather, King Ferdinand, or a certain feeling of cautiousness, inherited from his father, King Boris the Third. Or maybe even to a perplexity arising to the unexpected role that the Bulgarian entrusted Simeon with their voting Simeon into power.

Does Simeon, the master of silence, have a clear cut understanding of the actions he has to carry out, or is he following the thoughts that if he is silent, he will be regarded, as a philosopher. A king can remain silent, but as a politician, he must speak out on the issues. Otherwise Simeon will fall prey to tittle-tattle and suspicion.

The thing that is now bringing trouble, is the fact that there is a lack of transparency of the situation that all of us Bulgarians are in. Long ago people use to say that the; The Kings crown is heavy;. But the burden of the premiership that the Bulgarian people put on the head of Simeon is even heaver. Will the political movement that he hatched out, lead to a genuine political party, or will he be just another failed attempt that the Bulgarian people must suffer through? May God give Simeon, strength. We may sympathize with the King-Premier, but our concerns for the Bulgarian people far out weigh the political aspirations of Simeon.


Fairy-tales by Sheherezada!!

The Demokratsia (Democracy) newspaper, Bulgaria
August, 2001

Edited by Eugene Maynard

Editor’s note; Sheherezada was one of over a 1000 wives of a Arab Prince, who use to kill each wife after she stayed with him for the night. Of course, Sheherezada didn’t want to die and after spending the night, she would tell her Prince a very, very fantastic tale and so the Prince would not kill her. She became such a favorite, of the Prince’s, he could not part with her, as he wanted to hear the next story. Gene

Today it seems quite possible ‘‘That the King is naked’’, this is in reference to Bulgarian King Simeon the Second, the current prime-minister.

Last week it became clear that at least two of King Simeon’s pre-election promises, simply can not become a reality. And these were his two most important promises. One was the money issue and the other was about ethics in the government.

The new Bulgarian Minister of Finance announced that by October 2001 it would be possible to raise the amount of the pensions and salaries. Slightly more optimistic were the words of the new Bulgarian Minister of Social Affairs (A lady.), who promised a firm jump in salaries of 10% and a 5 to 10 Lev ($2.5 to $5 dollars.) jump in the pensions. To speak quite frankly the countries budget cannot over-jump its statures. Also it was promised, a 5000 Lev (Approximately $2400 dollars.) loan to small business people. Now a person does not hear anything about this now. Indeed it may be that King Simeon, wished he had never said anything about business loans!!! Everybody and his brother in the villages now believes that he will get one of these loans, even though he doesn’t qualify as a business person. So patience and understanding are in short supply in Bulgaria. A lot of Bulgarian’s are not sophisticated and almost believe in the Sheherezada Tales.

In preceding times, during the communist years of 1995-96, a lot of Bulgarians fell for the financial pyramid schemes and lost their homes and even their shirts in the banking system of those years. I know of one person who lost $5000 dollars, not Lev’s and was only able to recover about $50 dollars of that amount. This is in most cases a personal, family’s life savings.

Today the people are looking forward to the Prince of Morocco (King Simeon.) to fill up the treasury or by the ‘’Credit millionaires’’ (Mafia) through giving back the millions and millions of Lev’s that they stolid out of the treasury and sent overseas. This is what was recommended to His Majesty by his economic adviser-Vladimir Quint, an American National of Russian decent. Fantasy at it’s best. This will never happen, as the Mafia would rather cut off your ears then to give you back one Lev, let alone the millions of Lev’s that they took.

If the ‘’Credit millionaires’’ (Communist) ever intended to gives back the millions of Lev’s they would of done this during the years 1995-96, when Jean Videnov (Communist Party Prime-Minister.) was in power. Even if all of Bulgaria turned into a place of dirty money laundering, the palms of the voters would not see any of this money. A lot of the time a person can tell right away if a person is from the Mafia, as they almost always wear black leather coats and their thigh muscles are so well developed they can’t walk the right way. It looks like they crapped their pants. A person knows never to mess with these people, if you value your life. It is just an allusion to even think about the money that the Mafia took, as no matter what, it will never come back to the Bulgarian people.

So now we get to the other issue about ethics in politics and that is a dead issue also, as who ever heard of ethics in politics, get real!!! The woman who is the countries, Social Minister has stocks in nine different company’s and since the government is in business, everyone thinks it is O.K. for Bulgarian ministers to also be in business. One of the supervisors in the Privatization Agency is active as a consultant in Jebel Basma Co., a company who compelled, the state owned tobacco company, to pay twice as much for tobacco production as normal. The father of one of the vice-premier’s, was a military intelligence officer and took pride in participating in a military exercise in the Russian military, against the American Sixth Fleet, and his son is planning to take Bulgaria into NATO next year, again get real. Who are all these people that are going to improve Bulgaria??

The King’s second vice-premier is a pronounced Socialist (Communist). This man also takes pride that he belongs to the political party that so far, has never lived up to any of its promises. The boss of Multigroup-North Co. is yet another socialist in the cabinet. Multigroup Holding who’s boss is Iliya Pavlov is associated with Multigroup North Co. and Iliya’s wife is the one who tried to give Hillary Clinton political donations and later Hillary had to return the money. Iliya Pavlov is the son of the former head of the Bulgarian counter-intelligence services and the father also was the one who organized the removal of suitcases full of American money, from the National Bank of Bulgaria to be sent to members of the Bulgarian Communist Party, and then sent out of the country and put into safe bank accounts in other countries, just prior to the fall of the Communist in the years 1988-89!! Iliya wife was interviewed and she said she loved being rich and beautiful. This money she and her husband have, comes off the backs of the average Bulgarian!! Iliya Pavlov also appeared on the balcony when His Majesty was being sworn in the countries new cabinet, for the ‘’new era’’.

The King never uttered one word about the Bulgarian Socialist Party and yet 50% of the King’s district administrators and vice-ministers are from the Socialist party (Communist) and this is when the King was negotiating with the ODS (United Democratic Forces.). In the long run, things look like the doings in a Comic Opera-buffo!! Gene

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