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A very strange Dream!!

By Gene Maynard
April 29, 2002

This dream that Gene Maynard had was back in 1970, but there was many, many repeats over the years of this same dream, and it really bothered me. I can remember as if it was yesterday and it still amazes me. A few facts first before I tell you this dream.

Louise, my first wife and I were not getting along at all and in fact Louise and her boy friend tried to kill me, with a shotgun. So to say the least, I was upset at the time. I have always had very vivid dream that are always in living color. I remember most of my dreams over the years and this one really stuck with me over the years.

In this dream I killed Louise with a hand gun and put her body in the trunk of my car. This was 1970, and the reason at the time, (In the dream was that Louise was messing around with Robert Hoyle and not taking care of the children.) This part was really, really true, that is about Louise not taking care of the children.

Back to the dream, after putting Louise into the trunk of my car, I drove down to Sheridan Road and went north to where Lake Michigan meets Sheridan Road. There is a parking lot right across from a small restaurant that we use to go to often. Now this part of the dream is stupid, as I buried Louise right in that parking lot, I was just talking about. The parking lot was exposed to Sheridan Road and even very early in the morning there would be lots of cars going along and they would of seen what I was doing.

Anyway I did burry Louise in the dream and then went home to the children. The next day I told the children that mother had run off with some man. This is still in the dream and the children believed me at the time, as Louiseís behavior was erratic to say the lease. Then I woke up and had to go to work at Warwick in Zion. We were living at 8645 17th Ave. in Kenosha at the time.

A couple of months later I had the same dream and begun to feel guilty about my feelings. I didnít know what to do about this situation, so when Louise and I were going to a psychiatrist, to try and patch up the marriage, I asked the psychiatrist about this dream, and he told me that it was perfectly normal to have these types of dreams, when people were having these types of troubles. Life went on!!

I would still have this same dream from time to time for a couple of years, but now it was not bothering me. 1n 1972 I moved out of the house that Louise and I had bought at 1839-22nd Ave on the north side of Kenosha after loosing the house we had, had on the south side of Kenosha.

Again after some time passed, I had another dream that was related to the other dream I have been telling you about. In this new dream, Louise was still buried in that parking lot, but now the police knew that Louise was buried there. So in this new dream I had to go dig up Louiseís body and move it to a new location. Remember all of this is just a dream and not true at all.

Now my dream was coming to me about once a month, and was very, very vivid. Now the dream seem so real that I would walk in my sleep (This part is real.) and get dressed and go out to my car to go and dig up Louise. This is when I would wake up all the way and realize that it was just a dream and I would go back in the house and back to bed.

I have had this same dream about digging up Louise about two or three times a year for the next twenty years. Dreams are strange!!

The Dream about Warwick

By Gene Maynard
April 29, 2002

This dream also was from many years ago and repeats itís self over the years. The first time I had this dream was about 1973 and I still had this same dream three day ago. This dream does change a little from time to time, but very, very little. And it repeats almost each month!!

The dream starts out that I am running a automated production line to test and repair color T.V. chassis and I am the group leader. In real life this is the job that I did for years at Warwick Mfg. Corp. in Zion, Illinois and I often got complimented on the good job that I did.

But in the dreams nothing goes right and if there was a possibly for something to go wrong, it did. Every time I would try to fix what was wrong with the production line, something else would then go wrong. It was very frustrating and I could not figure out what to do next!! Not like real life and something else is funny, as Warwick has been out of business sense January of 1972 and I have not run this production line sense 1970 and here it is the year 2002.

This dream wakes me up and I have a hard time getting back to sleep, as I always tried my best and my best was dam good.

If you have any ideas on how to get this dream out of my head, let me know!!!

Gene as an American Indian-Dream!!

By Gene Maynard
April 20, 2002

This dream for Gene started out as almost all the dreams that Gene has, where he feels like he is awake, yet he is dreaming.

In this dream Gene is one of four young Indian boys of about 16 years old. In Indian villages it is the women who are the ones that say what goes. Anyway Gene and the other three boys were told by the boss woman of the village to clean up four different fire places and the winner would get to go with the young men on a raid to kill the white people. In the dream the four places were ceramic things that looked like three corn cobs that leaned up against other and each boy had a stick to get all the ashes cleaned out between the corn cobs. Gene won this contest and so was told that he would go with the young men on the raid of the white people.

Gene went down to the river that ran right by our village. There was a long boat that had twelve places to row this boat. The boat also had a large sail. The young men would kneel in groups of two, with six on a side. There was about five feet between each group of Indian Braves, so the boat was about 25 feet long and had a place at the back for a person to steer the boat with a rudder. Geneís prize that he won, was to steer the boat.

Gene and the young braves all got into the boat and started on this raid of the white men, which was down stream from the Indian Village. So after about one half day, the raiding party was getting close to where the white people lived. This is where the dream gets completed as we had a large supply of TNT on the boat and we were going to light a fuse and drive the boat right into a landing that the white people had, right at the waters edge of this river.

It was night time when we arrived and we had to time the fuse to the TNT to explode just when we would get there. We did this and we all jumped out of the boat about one minute before we arrived at the landing. We had to tie down the rudder so the boat went right into the landing. This was a large slow river and with the aid of the sail there was no problem with getting the boat to go right where we wanted it to go.

As us Indians didnít want to be killed in the TNT blast, we were out of the river by the time that the boat blew up at the landing.

Us Indians had to walk back to our village, but a couple of Indian spies who had been in the woods near the white settlement told us later the raid had been a success. When we in the raiding party got back to the Indian village, we had a victory dance and each of us in the raiding party was awarded a Eagle feather.

End of the dream. Gene sure has strange dreams!!!

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