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A view on Religion!!!

By Gene Maynard
March 2002

As far as people go back in written history, they have wondered if there really is a God. It is my belief that you can't get something from nothing. This is not a original theory of Gene's, but what the scientist say. Matter can't be created but you can change its form into something else. What has this to do with religion, probably nothing!!

So here we are in this world and that is a fact that we can't deny. How did we get here, don't know??? The scientist have all their theories about the Big Bang and are they right, don't know?? The religious people say that we were created by God along with the universe and we have no proof of this fact. In fact what is God, don't know??

So most people believe what they were told when they were children. The children tend to not think for themselves and that is normal. Most people are lazy in their minds and don't want to think for themselves.

Getting back, to the beginning of time. If there is no God, where did this material come from that was used to create the universe, by the Big Bang, don't know??? It will take someone a lot smarter then me to figure out all of these things. I must take the fact of a God on faith.

Lets fast forward to the year 0 BC-AD History books say that the Jews killed this man called Christ. Who is this Christ, don't know?? And this is what started the hatred of the Jews by the Christians. People seem to have to hate other people. It is the human condition!! Yet why to hate the Jews as no one is sure that there really is a Christ, it is all by faith.

So how come Gene believes in God and yet he has mixed feelings about the reality of a Christ?? Gene can see the reality of the world around himself, but he can't see this Christ. Yet both God and Christ must be taken all by faith!!

Even if there is a heaven, why would anyone want to go there?? After all the Bible says that in heaven there is no beer, and yet Gene doesn't drink. Also there is no eating, no sex, no mothers or fathers, no children. Just what is it that Gene would do in heaven??? The Bible says that he would be singing praises to God all the time. This is something that Gene could do without!! Who in their right mind would want to do this.

It is Gene's view that religion was invented by people who want to feel better then the rest of their fellow men or women!! People are afraid of what comes after death, so they want to believe in something!!.

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