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Why the Moslems Can't get along with the West!!!!!!

By Gene Maynard
April 2002

To understand the reason why Moslems don't get along with the West, you first must understand the mind set of the average Moslem. Hatred is not a function of the religion per see, but when you add human beings into the mix, this is what you get. It appears that hatred is in the human condition. This is probably going to be true, until the end of time. What ever that means???

As long as there have been humans, there has been different styles of religions and as long as there are two different people on earth, there will be these different religions and people hating each other. Sense there has been family groups, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, parents and even other brothers and sisters, teachers, preachers, etc. have programmed the younger children to there standard of what is right in religion, schooling and society. In fact this is the way it should be!!

Where things go wrong, is when the people doing the programming are not well educated themselves. They program the children to be biased and to hate other people who don't have the same religion, ethnic background and even education levels. So different groups stay away from each other and even learn to hate each other.

Back 2000 years ago, most people didn't read and most information was passed on orally and so children didn't have any other way of finding out what was right or wrong, except by word of mouth. Sense there was no radio or T.V. and so where were you to get your education except from relatives, teachers, preachers, etc.. Children tend to believe their parents, etc., and so if they told the children that they should hate a certain group of people, they did!!

If a child grows up and never gets a liberal education, then it is said, "The apple never falls far from the tree". Now lets fast forward to the year 1000 and see what has happened between the years 1000 and 2000. Not a lot has changed, people still hate other groups that are different. But now we have the Moslems coming to be a large group and their not so well educated on average. This is not to say that they are not intelligent, they are.

Most Moslem countries have bad governments and when a country has this condition, there is a lack of good schools. With this condition most of the children are placed in religious schools and the teachers are not good at all. The teachers tend to not really teach, but have the children learn by rote and the only this they learn in school is the Koran and most of them never learn to read at all. Plus at home the children learn to hate the West and when the children grow they tend to gyrate to these extremists groups and become terrorist and suicide bombers. Please make sure that I don't think all Moslems are this way, as I believe most of them are good people. But enough of the Moslems are this way with the education of their children to cause a real problem for the rest of the world.

Will the Moslem world change soon??? Not in my life time or even in my child's life time!!!

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