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Like Minds!!

George Carlin and Gene Maynard!!!

Working together for a better world???

They say that similar minds think alike. So if you donít like George Carlin, you will not like Gene. Here are a few things that George and Gene see eye to eye on!!!

No. 1 - The only thing I regret in life is that I didnít start it 100 years sooner and I would like to end it 100 years from now!!
No. 2 - Where do American politicians come from??
A - From our homes,
B - Our universities,
C - Our churches,
D - Our institutions, otherwise-everywhere.
So: Politicians are us: We get what we voted for!!!! After all, the politicians didnít just come from the cosmos.
No. 3 - American education!! Now days we educate our students to the test, because we want the American students to be smart enough to buy the products we manufacture, and dumb enough to buy the products that we manufacture!!
No. 4 - Corporate America own the whole world, including the politicians, so why are we surprised when the politicians do what Corporate America wants them to do???
No. 5 - God is not perfect!!
A - Look at the mountains!! They are all crooked!!
B - God could not even give two people the same fingerprints!!
C - And everyone God made, including the animals have died. At lease so far!!!!!
No. 6 - More then happy!!! Have you ever asked someone how they are doing and they will say that they are more then happy!! How the hell can a person be more then happy??
No. 7 - Advertisement!! You know how people are renting out the car for Corporate America to use for commercial ads!! In the near future people will be renting out their foreheads for ads on Coca Cola, Sony, Colgate toothpaste, etc.. Anything for a buck!!!
No. 8 - The death penalty!! You have heard of the electric chair!! To speed up the process, how about having a electric couch?? Or how about having a electric love seat for those couples that commit a horrific crime and want to go to that great place in the sky, together!! This would go over very well in Texas!! Or if you didnít like the electric chair you could have injection tables on wheels and with an efficient crew a person should be able to do seven an hour, with any luck at all!!!
No. 9 - What age are you!!! If you think about it everyone of us is 2 years old inside, also 10 years old, 21 years old, 43 years old, 67 years old and so on, even if our real age is 70 years old!! This is why we act irrational at times and donít understand where this type of behavior comes from!!!
No. 10 - Mass suicide!! Pretty soon you will see 250 people holding hands and jumping into the Grand Canyon together, as a protest of the Federal Government. Especially if they from this weird cults that advocate suicide in the first place!!!! A really great media special, could be made out of this type of event!!
No. 11 - Do you remember Jeffery Daimler??? He was the man from Milwaukee who killed about 25 black men and ate them, back in the early 19-eighties. The justice is so soft in most states, that what they should of done was to first give Jeffery a talking too and if that didnít work, then warn him and if that didnít work, then fine him and after that he should be able to understand that he should just quit this kind of behavior!!!
No. 12 - Sports!!
A - Why do they call swimming a sport?? After all it is just a way to keep yourself from drowning!!
B - also why is yachting a sport?? It is really just a way of getting from one place to another!!! After all you donít call going by bus a sport!! Except in New York City!!
C - And isnít golfing a really, really weird, so called sport. After all, what you do is hit a ball with a crooked stick and then walk after it and then hit it again!! It would seem better to just pick up the ball and put it in your pocket and then walk home. It would be much cheaper that way, donít you think??? Also look at the degenerates that you have to associate with, as this is not a game that most people would want to play alone, as there is too much chance of cheating and how could you live with that!!
No. 13 - American T.V.!!! Garbage in, garbage out!!!
Enough said!!!

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