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Work, work, work!!

Gene and Jobs

Paid jobs, Gene first went to work at age 11 years old.

1. AGE 11- Shaw's Truck Farm-weeding, hoeing, picking fruits, etc. .
2. AGE 12- Hudson's Truck Farm- same as above.
3. AGE 13- Schwager's Restaurant. -Washing dishes.
4. AGE 13- Waukegan News Agency-delivering newspapers in Zion. Waukegan News Sun, Chicago Tribune. Chicago Sun Time. Chicago Daily News. Sometimes, in the morning before school and sometimes after school. Even sometimes in the summer, but Gene didnít like it..
5. AGE 13- Construction Co. laborer. Digging and heavy lifting, etc. .
6. AGE 14- Construction Co. laborer. Digging and heavy lifting, etc. .
7. AGE 14- Waukegan News Agency- delivering newspapers in Zion. Same as in No. 4. Lots of fun in the winter time!!!
8. AGE 15- ZION High School- washing dishes at noon time, for free meal.
9. AGE 15- Construction Co. laborer. Mixing mortar for a plasterer, which was one of the hardest physical jobs I ever had.
10. Age 16- Construction Co. laborer. Helping to frame houses, etc. .
11. AGE 16-Zion High School-washing dishes at noon-time, for free meal.
12. AGE 17-Zion High School-one hour of work, opening cans of food, heavy lifting for the women cooks. before school for free noon time meal.
13. AGE I7-Construction Co.- laborer. Built a inside ice cream stand and a gas station.
14, AGE 17-Waukegan News Agency-delivering newspapers in Zion. Same as in Number 4.
15. AGE 17-Demolishtion Co.- Worked tearing down old Navel barracks at Great Lakes Navel Station-North Chicago, Illinois. Summer job. Loved it!
16. AGE 18-Construction Co.- Building apartment buildings at Great Lakes Navel Station.- North Chicago, Illinois. Most of the time, unloading trucks. (Two months.)
17. AGE 18-Waukegan Natural Gas Co. laborer (Three months.) Putting gas pipes under roads to houses, using jackhammers and air spades, etc. .
18. AGE 18-Bartholomew Plumbing Co. laborer. Cutting water pipes, threading water pipes, putting in toilets, sinks, bathtubs, etc.. (Three months.)
19. AGE 18-Zion Food Store- stocking shelves with can goods. (Two months.)
20. AGE 19-Army,(1952-54.) See The Life Story.
21. AGE 21-Warwick Manufacturing Co.-(1954-72.) See full story in THE LIFE.
22. AGE 25-Air Fore-Repairing radar and radio sets. While on leave from Warwick Mfg. Co. One year- and three months. Got out early.
23. AGE 40- Chester Electronics Co.- selling electronic parts,(1973.)
24. AGE 40-Kappus Bread Co.- loading deliver trucks with bread and sweet rolls, three nights a week. (Six months.) While working at Chesterís.
25. AGE 41- Allen Bradley Drives- At first building the power drives and then doing electrical inspecting of power panels, etc., Then designing power drives as an on-the-job-training program. (1974-75)
26. AGE 42- Army National Guard-as a part time job. Repairing radar and radio sets, driving 2/-1/2 and 5 ton trucks. Trained as an armor (Guns, machine guns and mortars.) repair man. Also, as the units, NBC Agent. (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical detection for warfare.)(1975-80.)
27. AGE 43- Electronics Systems of Wisconsin. First Gene built test fixtures for small motor, rotors, fields, etc.. Then developed building aids for constructing the testers, (Wire tables, pictorial drawing, mechanical drawings for chassis, cabinets, etc..) Trained to layout double sided printed circuit boards, Also trained to help design computerized testers. (1975-86.)
Gene went on Social Security disability in 1986 at age 53 years old.
End of work life!!

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