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Can't spell them, can't pronounce them!!

Bulgarian Names

Bulgarian names sound just like they are saying the name of a disease. What with the Bulgarian way of speaking, with the high speed stuttering and slurring (To pass over a word, quickly and carelessly!!!) of their way of speech. Another way of saying the way they speak is that they pronounce rapidly and indistinctly and this makes for a very difficult understanding of the Bulgarian language. It is no wonder that Bulgarian language can’t be use for International Business A few examples are below.

Bulgarian girl’s names American equivalent
No. 1 - Angelina Angela
No. 2 - Galia
(pronounced like Gal-ya)
No equivalent
No. 3 - Todorka
pronounced like Too-dor-kaa)
No equivalent
No. 4 - Hristina
(pronounced like Hri-sti-na)
No. 5 - Rumiana
(pronounced like Rumm-ian-na)
No equivalent
No. 6 - Anne
(pronounced like Aan-ne)
No. 7 - Tzvetana
(pronounced like swe-ta-na)
No equivalent
No. 8 - Boryana
(pronounced like Bor-ian-na)
No equivalent
No. 9 - Bogdana
(pronounced like Boo-gg, don-na)
No equivalent
No. 10 - Desislava
(pronounced like spelled)
No equivalent

These are some of the easier girls names.

I will now give you a few Bulgarian boy’s names.

Bulgarian boy’s names American equivalent
No. 1 - Asen
(pronounced like os-en)
No equivalent
No. 2 - Kamen
(pronounced like Kaa-men)
No equivalent
No. 3 - Plamen
(pronounced like Plaa-men)
No equivalent
No. 4 - Ivan
(pronounced like eva-an)
No. - 5 Georgi
(pronounced like Geor-gee)
No. 6 - Velko
(pronounced like Vel-ko)
No equivalent
No. 7 - Petar
(pronounced like Pet-taar)
No. 8 - Petko
(pronounced like Pet-ko)
No equivalent
No. 9 - Yordan
(pronounced like yoar-dan)
No. 10 - Svetozar
(pronounced like Sve-to-zar)
No equivalent

The list of names goes on and on!!!!!!

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